PC Gaming VS Console, Which One That Is Better?

PC gaming vs Console, which one do you think that gives gamers the best benefits? Every of you may have different opinions. However, if you ask serious gamers about which platform that is best for top gaming experience, their answer will be PC gaming. They have, obviously, few reasons why they choose PC gaming over console, some of them are, excellent graphic on PC, cheaper price, upgrade possibility, hardware manageability, multiplayer access, and game of library. Initial price of PC gaming is expensive compared to console, however if you look further, not to mention the versatility of the PC, it caters best value for your money. read more

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Why PC Gamers Should Be So Serious About PC Gaming Case

To build PC gaming with superior quality, gamers knowledge toward PC gaming case is essential aside from PC gaming monitors, graphic cards, and gaming accessories. Gaming case is not only about cooling down the gaming system, it is an item that will affect the way you play PC games in several years ahead. Gamers should know that, if they want to effortlessly upgrade their computer system they need a proper gaming case. Several factors to include, however, when choosing  good quality PC game that fits to your gaming needs. First, it should be the range of budget you want to spend for the gaming case. read more

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So, What Is PC Gaming Master Race?

Have you ever heard about PC gaming master race? It is a sub-culture, a belief or a ideology which states that PC gaming is way more superiority than gaming console. And whilst the term is pretty popular among gamers, it has negative association. This one was firstly mentioned by Ben Croshaw to state the irony of PC gaming. Nevertheless, most gamers wrongly perceive the term. In addition, those who consider themselves as PC master race treat console gaming as filthy console peasant. Obviously the term isn’t relevant in many years ago because of console gaming gives gamers better specs, features, and technology. read more


PC Gaming Build Guidelines For High-End PC Gaming Performance

PC gaming build can be very expensive, obviously. Even so, it doesn’t mean gamers can’t build a a great performance one, on budget. Surprisingly, the parts to build a PC gaming is varied and it’s including the model of the hardware and its price. Nevertheless, if this is your first time and curious about some information like the key component and how much budget you need to prepare, read on. The range budget that you need to build a PC gaming is from $500 to $3.000. For starter, determine about what you want to add to the PC case. read more


Best Pick Of PC Gaming Mouse

If the question is, should gamers consider PC gaming mouse for best gaming experience? They should. But it doesn’t mean that the problem is stopping there. Gaming mouse isn’t equal in many aspects coming from the price, the build, driver software to grip types, and hand sizes. Choosing the best PC gaming mouse that suits to their gaming preference, it requires some time. And despite what is the best for other player not usually best for you, have ideas about best gaming mouse available it marketplace alongside its drawback and benefit will give you a huge help. read more

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Best PC Gaming Accessories Money Can Buy

Gaming is a serious thing, and the same goes to PC gaming accessories. Playing a great PC game, it’s not merely about the game itself, but also the tools that you use to play the game. PC gamers know about this. Even though, they still have so much fun with, joystick, keyboards control and responsive mouse, considering another gaming accessories, surely, can level up their gaming experience. The market for gaming accessories is increased significantly for hardcore PC gamer which is good  news, thus gamers can pick one that meets their gaming standard. read more


What’s Best PC Gaming Monitor Gamers Should Buy?

Obviously, powerful graphic card is essential, however without great quality of PC gaming monitor it will be useless, in case that you don’t expect screen tearing or anything that will ruin the hard work of the graphic card. Standard screen in some extent may be adequate that being said for maximum performance of the PC game, it is not. That is why making good investment toward gaming monitor is recommended. The lifespan of gaming monitor is also last long. Several key factors, such as, viewing angles, color quality, great resolution and balance rate, are worth to note. read more