Windows 8 or Windows 10, Which One Better For Gaming?

Until now, previous versions of Windows that 8 and 8.1 by some gamers are considered less suitable for playing games. The main problem is still around the compatibility and games that support full features of the operating system. Microsoft announced that Windows 10 to play the game would be better.

The relationship of Windows 10 and the experience of playing a better game is because along with the release later, you will get DirectX 12 which embedded in Windows 10. For Technical Preview version it will not exist. Apparently, Microsoft will make DirectX 12 exclusive for Windows 10, like previous versions. read more


Tips To Choose Best Monitor For PC Gaming

LED or LCD monitor usually not the most widely calculated of computer device, so many people want cheap monitors regardless of specification. If you only use the computer for daily needs, it is certainly not a problem.

However, if you use it to play games, then http://umuqolyned.beep.com/mempelajari-cara-main-mix-parlay-bola-online-2017-09-21.htm you should consider the quality of the monitor first to be purchased. Monitors favored by gamers are usually 24 to 30 inch in size.

Monitors of this size usually have a resolution of 1080p there are also some monitors that already carry 1440p resolution. With the greater resolution, of course, it also looks better and sharper. Unfortunately, the higher resolution also makes your video card will work even harder. read more


The Important PC Specification For Gaming

If you want to build a PC or assemble a computer for your own game, it is worth noticing some tips that we will give on this opportunity. Because to assemble a gaming PC, you should pay attention to some of the required computer components, also pay attention to the budget you provide. The first element to watch out for is the processor.

The Important PC Specification For Gaming

The processor you choose to build a computer for games should match the needs of the games you want to play. As a minimum recommendation use Core i5 Hashwel. At least by using Core i5 Hashwel you can already play games with low-medium level. However, if you want a heavier game, use Intel Core i7. read more


The Differences Of Mouse Standard and Mouse Gaming

Although the size is about a fist, the existences of the mouse still can not be underestimated. With the mouse, moving the cursor becomes easier, fast and accurate in any direction you want. Interestingly, the mouse now comes in two different categories, namely the regular mouse or default and gaming mouse. Ideally, to work, browse, and perform other tasks, you simply use a standard mouse. However, to play, you should use a specially designed mouse or called as the gaming mouse.

The Differences Of Mouse Standard and Mouse Gaming

The standard mouse has a DPI (Dots Per Inch) resolution of around 500-800, while the gaming mouse can reach 2000 DPI and up. The higher DPI size, it will feel faster and more accurate when moving the cursor to various angles. Unique gaming mouse, the size of its DPI should be higher because of the speed and accuracy is very useful to optimize the game results. When viewed from the side of connectivity and other supporting feature, the two mouse has no significant difference. However, the standard mouse uses a USB cable connection with a standard design as well. Unlike the gaming mouse that gives priority to attractive designs and most uses a Bluetooth connection. read more


Beat The Power Of PC vs Console For Gaming

With the competition between developers are very tight, there are new games are released every day. Of course, this makes gamers also have to complement the game collection. Also, for a game is usually not only can be played on a particular device but can be played by multiple devices. Currently, the devices that are the best option are PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC gaming with hardware support of course. You may not be able to distinguish all three as they may all present an excited gaming sensation. But if the note between PC gaming vs. console there are some differences and each has advantages. read more


PC Gaming VS Console, Which One That Is Better?

PC gaming vs Console, which one do you think that gives gamers the best benefits? Every of you may have different opinions. However, if you ask serious gamers about which platform that is best for top gaming experience, their answer will be PC gaming. They have, obviously, few reasons why they choose PC gaming over console, some of them are, excellent graphic on PC, cheaper price, upgrade possibility, hardware manageability, multiplayer access, and game of library. Initial price of PC gaming is expensive compared to console, however if you look further, not to mention the versatility of the PC, it caters best value for your money. read more

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Why PC Gamers Should Be So Serious About PC Gaming Case

To build PC gaming with superior quality, gamers knowledge toward PC gaming case is essential aside from PC gaming monitors, graphic cards, and gaming accessories. Gaming case is not only about cooling down the gaming system, it is an item that will affect the way you play PC games in several years ahead. Gamers should know that, if they want to effortlessly upgrade their computer system they need a proper gaming case. Several factors to include, however, when choosingĀ  good quality PC game that fits to your gaming needs. First, it should be the range of budget you want to spend for the gaming case. read more