PC Gaming Build Guidelines For High-End PC Gaming Performance

PC gaming build can be very expensive, obviously. Even so, it doesn’t mean gamers can’t build a a great performance one, on budget. Surprisingly, the parts to build a PC gaming is varied and it’s including the model of the hardware and its price. Nevertheless, if this is your first time and curious about some information like the key component and how much budget you need to prepare, read on. The range budget that you need to build a PC gaming is from $500 to $3.000. For starter, determine about what you want to add to the PC case. read more


What’s Best PC Gaming Monitor Gamers Should Buy?

Obviously, powerful graphic card is essential, however without great quality of PC gaming monitor it will be useless, in case that you don’t expect screen tearing or anything that will ruin the hard work of the graphic card. Standard screen in some extent may be adequate that being said for maximum performance of the PC game, it is not. That is why making good investment toward gaming monitor is recommended. The lifespan of gaming monitor is also last long. Several key factors, such as, viewing angles, color quality, great resolution and balance rate, are worth to note. read more


Phone Reviews Google Pixel with the Best Camera Features

There are not many people who have ever heard about phone reviews Google Pixel. That is because this phone cannot be considered as one common phone that many people can simply find at the market. Even though, you need to know that this phone is considered as one of the best phones with the best camera features. Yes, that is something that you need to know if you love to take a lot of photos using your phone.

If you think that the camera on a phone is just about the big resolution, then you are wrong. That is because the camera of this phone is about 12.3 megapixel only. Even though, you can make sure that the camera Casino Online of this phone will give you the stunning image that is worth to keep. You need to know that the phone reviews Google Pixel related with the camera has some main features that you can get. The first one is the fast image processing. Although you are using the maximum resolution while you are capturing your precious moments using this phone, you will get the instant result of the image that you capture. read more