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So, What Is PC Gaming Master Race?

Have you ever heard about PC gaming master race? It is a sub-culture, a belief or a ideology which states that PC gaming is way more superiority than gaming console. And whilst the term is pretty popular among gamers, it has negative association. This one was firstly mentioned by Ben Croshaw to state the irony of PC gaming. Nevertheless, most gamers wrongly perceive the term. In addition, those who consider themselves as PC master race treat console gaming as filthy console peasant. Obviously the term isn’t relevant in many years ago because of console gaming gives gamers better specs, features, and technology. read more

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Build Guide on PC Gaming Setup

PC gaming setup is really matter when you have tight budget yet would love to get the high-end gaming PC. It means that not everyone, exclusively gamers, afford to purchase high-end computer peripheral and best quality gaming gear because it could cost higher in price. The definition of high-end gaming PC actually depends on how each gamers are trying to define, as well influenced by their own personal preference, own taste, and experienced they ever have. Whatever the definition is, there is still standard price for PC parts which can be included into optimum quality where you can get highly enough advantages by setup your own gaming PC. read more

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Phone Reviews LG Stylo 2 with Really Affordable Price

When you are talking about the phone reviews LG Stylo 2, you can simply say that this phone is too big for a smartphone but too small for a tablet. That means, you can also say that LG Stylo 2 is a phablet. It does not matter what you call it as long as this new device offers you the amazing features that you need for all of the things that you want to do using the device.

There are some nice features of this device that you will surely love. One of them is the latest android version to suit you with all of the applications that will only support the latest android version. As an addition to that, this device is also very great in term of price. When you are reading at many phone reviews LG Stylo 2, you will notice that the price for this new device is really affordable. Yes, you will only need less than 200 dollars to get this new device. That is because this LG Stylo 2 is tagged around 180 dollars only, which make this phone as one of the most affordable modern phones on the market nowadays. read more