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Best PC Gaming Accessories Money Can Buy

Gaming is a serious thing, and the same goes to PC gaming accessories. Playing a great PC game, it’s not merely about the game itself, but also the tools that you use to play the game. PC gamers know about this. Even though, they still have so much fun with, joystick, keyboards control and responsive mouse, considering another gaming accessories, surely, can level up their gaming experience. The market for gaming accessories is increased significantly for hardcore PC gamer which is good  news, thus gamers can pick one that meets their gaming standard. read more

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PC Gaming Reddit for Additional Game-Related Information

PC gaming Reddit mostly designated as the fun website where you can submit your own article about game-related, as well general information where you have to visit once you need additional information to fix your game-related problems. As every user of Reddit capable to submit their article, Reddit becomes a cool and must-visited website, when you need consideration to choose which PC game is suitable with your own PC specification, either estimate how well the PC game is running on your own PC. The article posted in Reddit, however, restricted for PC games-related news and articles, review and previews about the newest PC game or ever existed, and also PC games-related events. read more

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Phone Reviews LG v20 with Its Overall Specs

When you are reading the phone reviews LG v20, you might have noticed that this smartphone is considered as one nice smartphone that you can buy, even for this year. That is because the overall specs of this smartphone are very nice. In fact, you can say that this smartphone will be able to stand the competition up to next years. There are some nice features that you can get from this smartphone.

The first one is the high quality screen resolution. The resolution of this camera is reaching 1440 pixels. That is one nice resolution that you can get from 5.7 inches smartphone from LG, the one similar with many old computer screen on the late of 90s. Another nice thing that you can get from the phone reviews LG v20 is the nice camera. If you think that you will only get two cameras from this phone, then you are wrong. That is because this smartphone offers you three cameras. The first two are on the back with the maximum resolution of 16MP and 8MP. On the front side of this camera, you will get the 5MP resolution camera worth for you selfie. read more