Although the size is about a fist, the existences of the mouse still can not be underestimated. With the mouse, moving the cursor becomes easier, fast and accurate in any direction you want. Interestingly, the mouse now comes in two different categories, namely the regular mouse or default and gaming mouse. Ideally, to work, browse, and perform other tasks, you simply use a standard mouse. However, to play, you should use a specially designed mouse or called as the gaming mouse.

The Differences Of Mouse Standard and Mouse Gaming

The standard mouse has a DPI (Dots Per Inch) resolution of around 500-800, while the gaming mouse can reach 2000 DPI and up. The higher DPI size, it will feel faster and more accurate when moving the cursor to various angles. Unique gaming mouse, the size of its DPI should be higher because of the speed and accuracy is very useful to optimize the game results. When viewed from the side of connectivity and other supporting feature, the two mouse has no significant difference. However, the standard mouse uses a USB cable connection with a standard design as well. Unlike the gaming mouse that gives priority to attractive designs and most uses a Bluetooth connection.

The most distinguishing, on the gaming mouse some macro buttons can be programmed as needed, especially when playing. For example, found on gaming mouse brands Prolink PMG9801L, Prolink EGA, Genius X-G510, Genius X-G500 and much more. In gaming mouse, macro and keystroke feature is important, because it works to facilitate game mode to play. If you play fighter games, then some of your moves can be saved through the macro feature. What you need to know, the use of gaming mouse also requires a PC with a large RAM (2GB) and hardware specification that match the game credit :