If you want to build a PC or assemble a computer for your own game, it is worth noticing some tips that we will give on this opportunity. Because to assemble a gaming PC, you should pay attention to some of the required computer components, also pay attention to the budget you provide. The first element to watch out for is the processor.

The Important PC Specification For Gaming

The processor you choose to build a computer for games should match the needs of the games you want to play. As a minimum recommendation use Core i5 Hashwel. At least by using Core i5 Hashwel you can already play games with low-medium level. However, if you want a heavier game, use Intel Core i7.

Next is VGA. VGAs that are often using for PC gaming are ATI Radeon and NVIDIA. Then motherboard, three famous brands can be utilized that is ASUS, GYGABYTE, and MSI. But as a recommendation, use ASUS with the type of Sabertooth and Maximus. Or it could also use a special motherboard for PC gaming, namely ROG. Then there is also memory, and there are many good brands that you http://yqedipydy.beep.com/bagaimana-cara-main-judi-bola-adil-online-yang-menguntungkan-2017-09-21.htm can use like Transcend and Kingston. But if you have much more budget, you can use Corsair, memory for PC gaming.

The last component to note is the power supply. These are necessary because for the durability of the PC during played for hours or even a whole day. What is important when choosing a power supply, choose with a minimum power of 500 watts. Because when you upgrade your VGA, that will need a high power also to run it. Some brands of the power supply can also be an option, for example, are Cooler Master, Thermaltake, and Silverstone. Do not forget to adjust the specification to the budget. Including also in choosing the brand to be used.