Have you ever heard about PC gaming master race? It is a sub-culture, a belief or a ideology which states that PC gaming is way more superiority than gaming console. And whilst the term is pretty popular among gamers, it has negative association. This one was firstly mentioned by Ben Croshaw to state the irony of PC gaming. Nevertheless, most gamers wrongly perceive the term. In addition, those who consider themselves as PC master race treat console gaming as filthy console peasant. Obviously the term isn’t relevant in many years ago because of console gaming gives gamers better specs, features, and technology.


Nevertheless, during time, PC gaming is equipped with better technology which makes console gaming as inferior. Every year, the latest technology for PC gaming is invented. That way PC gamers are able to upgrade their hardware, optional mouse, get better graphic, and some other various benefits. However, it is not the same when it comes to console game. It takes few years for console gamers until they can upgrade their system. PC gaming master race is community who is proud with their superiority and think themselves has better Agen bola Online knowledge compared to console game and that is for reason for their contribution into the game world.


Meanwhile, console gamer is considered as gamer that is lack of will, knowledge or budget. Whether you are agree or not with the term, the fact that PC gaming master race stays on the top  of hierarchy is something you can’t easily neglect. The concept of PC gaming is meant for personalization. In short, PC gamers have a lot of freedom for modifications and expand the functionality of their personal computer for the truest gaming experience. On the contrary, console gaming has bunches of limitations. Also they have to pay over-priced games with such a technology  and specs, that is lower compared to PC gaming.