PC gaming vs Console, which one do you think that gives gamers the best benefits? Every of you may have different opinions. However, if you ask serious gamers about which platform that is best for top gaming experience, their answer will be PC gaming. They have, obviously, few reasons why they choose PC gaming over console, some of them are, excellent graphic on PC, cheaper price, upgrade possibility, hardware manageability, multiplayer access, and game of library. Initial price of PC gaming is expensive compared to console, however if you look further, not to mention the versatility of the PC, it caters best value for your money.


The hardware of PC gaming is cheaper,yet better in performance. Moreover, gamers are able to add and reduce certain part of their system. However, it is not the case when it comes to console. In fact, the only way to update 1001toto the system in most case than not, they have to buy another one. The PC games are cheaper for PC gaming than console. Which is better PC gaming vs console? Even though, it is so clear that PC gaming is better in many ways, to convince you one more time, read on.


Gamers control toward PC gaming hardware are huge. They easily can upgrade each hardware component based on their needs. In short the probability to upgrade the technology of their platform is almost limitless. Console gamers have no chance to upgrade by themselves their platform, in fact, it is not viable to upgrade its technology like what you do toward PC gaming. PC gaming delivers you better graphic than console. This not indicates that console isn’t good. To aim  excellent graphic, console players should pay more, and not all gamers can afford pricey price tag. To conclude, when it comes to PC gaming vs console, PC gaming is a win.