PC Gaming Wiki should be your first place to visit when you use ‘passionate PC gamers’ to designate yourself. Founded on February 9th 2012 by Andrew Tsai aka Andytizer, this website become the place where most passionate PC gamers gather together as community. Here, you can find most friendly PC gamers whom you can ask for help to solve your games-related problems. You can submit your article about game-related, review, additional of general information, and else as additional content for the site. Besides, you can also spread your own connection within numerous passionate gamers you can meet in this site.


Actually, PC Gaming Wiki can be designated as the wiki you can visit to fix your PC games, as well as read various information about games-related article. That is why, as their aims to list general information of fixes and workaround exclusively for each PC game existed so far, you will be able to search Judi Domino the game you are playing at, on the search box provided by this site. For example, if you are playing on quite-exciting PC games yet you are not able to run the game on your PC, make sure to pay a visit to this site instead.


The motto of PC Gaming Wiki is the site about fixing PC game, in which really helpful to cut your time off to fix your game. If you used to choose googling the game-related problems, and already spent for hours yet your game still cannot run, just visit this site, immediately to help you out from the problems. In this site, there is one page exclusively explain about one PC game, and it is editable meaning that the information will be up to date which can fulfil your needs to fix your game problems. In the end, just say that this site is the doctor for every game existed.