Obviously, powerful graphic card is essential, however without great quality of PC gaming monitor it will be useless, in case that you don’t expect screen tearing or anything that will ruin the hard work of the graphic card. Standard screen in some extent may be adequate that being said for maximum performance of the PC game, it is not. That is why making good investment toward gaming monitor is recommended. The lifespan of gaming monitor is also last long. Several key factors, such as, viewing angles, color quality, great resolution and balance rate, are worth to note.


PC gaming monitor can’t be treated equally. Though, cheap gaming monitor is not a bad pick, say that you want more, the more you pay for the gaming monitor, the better quality you get. Okay, it is not always the case, but in most time it is. Resolution becomes the main concern for PC gamers the time they purchase gaming monitor. True, good resolution means better gaming Santai Poker experience, keep in mind, there are other important components to notice. Gamers have to consider, first, the panel technology that is used like OLED, TN panel, IPS, and VA. Second, it should be the refresh rate, and the last one is high performance of graphic cards.


When all of the requirements for good quality PC gaming monitor is fulfilled, you fully can enjoy the game. Regardless on how much budget you expect to spend for the gaming monitor, ASUS PG348Q is worth purchasing. This gaming screen delivers the combination excellent viewing angel and beautiful color from its IPS panel, super large curved display and G-sync-enabled (100Hz). The only drawback about ASUS PG348Q is that its pricey price. ACER Predator XB321HK features IPS display for better angle viewing and vivid color, G-Sync enable to avoid screen tearing and wide display that is compatible with 4K resolution.