Until now, previous versions of Windows that 8 and 8.1 by some gamers are considered less suitable for playing games. The main problem is still around the compatibility and games that support full features of the operating system. Microsoft announced that Windows 10 to play the game would be better.

The relationship of Windows 10 and the experience of playing a better game is because along with the release later, you will get DirectX 12 which embedded in Windows 10. For Technical Preview version it will not exist. Apparently, Microsoft will make DirectX 12 exclusive for Windows 10, like previous versions.

Windows 8 or Windows 10, Which One Better For Gaming

There is much enhancement to the features that DirectX brings to this Windows 10 as the latest version. Some will be very grateful to gamers, and some others will make many Windows users feel happy and comfortable because of the increase in computer performance. Indeed, if they have activity relate to graphics and using PC.

DirectX 12 more leverage the use of a multicore processor to work together simultaneously with more control over the hardware. Besides, DirectX 12 lets more Virtual Machines run simultaneously at the same time with better performance. Indeed not many will benefit.
So far, Windows 8 seems to lack a place in the heart of gamers than Windows 10.

Some reported that some gamers that work well on Windows 7 turn out to be problematic or unworkable. There are also reports that it is precisely Windows 8 makes the game run better, smooth, thanks to a better https://edytabartkiewicz.carbonmade.com/projects/6593333 memory management. Many factors that can make the gaming experience in Windows 7 and eight different.

Can be about the driver and also the device itself, like those both laptop or PC. Can the manufacturer, be it hardware or software it takes the time to adjust its products to the new OS.